Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Panic Mode

It’s the time of year now that all the students will be stressing due to having exams, I am definitely one of them! Luckily I only have one exam in May because I had all my previous exams before the Christmas holidays, so that is nice but it does not mean I am stressing any less – it is just as important to do well in my exam this May. I am trying to revise each night even if it is just for a half an hour, obviously things do turn up which means that I cannot revise everyday which puts more pressure on me. I mean there are things that I am also being distracted by such as thinking about my holiday in two months’ time and shopping, such a huge distraction haha. I guess it will also keep me motivated, because once the examination period is over; I can focus on work and go on holiday to enjoy some time off. In the mean time I will go back to revising so that I can achieve my absolute best. Just remember not to leave your revision until the last minute as that is not the best idea, more stress on you!

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