Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Exams and mince pies :p

Usually exams are in either January or just before the end of the academic year - I have TWO exams in December. When I found out I didn’t see why it was so early and why it wasn’t a January exam instead. Then I started to see the advantages, exams in the next two weeks and then no exam preparation needed during my Christmas holiday! 

Now I am definitely looking forward to Christmas. Last year I had a deadline in January which meant I wasn't able to have a lot of free time during the holiday, so now it’s such a great feeling to know I have SPARE time. I definitely have to make up for last year haha. 

Obviously this doesn't mean I won’t be doing any work at all - I will do some reading and research to be prepared for the courses for term two but it will be a lot more relaxed. Yes, relaxed! Mince pies, cappuccinos and movies - my favourites especially this time of year when it is raining and super windy. 

Have a great Christmas everyone, make sure you rest well and don’t worry about over eating. During this festive time of year you can never over eat J