Monday, 30 March 2015

Open Days – Join us!

On Saturday we had a great Open Day! New excited students willing to join the university. My part was to work in the registration team and it was really nice to see everyone smiling as soon as they have entered the university, ready to look around and speak to the academics. I know, it doesn’t sound too exciting but it honestly was – especially since the transition from college work to a degree is such a huge step. The open team tried their best to make everyone at ease!

The good thing about student staff working during Open Day is that we can answer questions about how we find the university, from accommodation to studying. You can ask us anything, without hesitation. It would be so nice to see familiar faces at the campus, so even once you do start your course – I am always here to help!

Even though I did work during the weekend, I have four deadlines within the next four days; being organised is such a huge part of my daily routine as without it I wouldn’t get anything done at all.

I will be posting again soon, but for now – adios! J

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