Thursday, 28 May 2015


Now that I have reached the end of my second year it is time to have a rest! 

I think it is nice being able to finally relax and not have to worry about all of my submissions, exams and running out of time when writing my coursework. Even activities such as jogging or meeting with friends I used to take for granted until I realised that I do not have much time. So now I can do all the things I enjoy. 

I am also working part-time, so I have a holiday booked between work, in order for me to have a break. Not long as I will go full-time in July. It is something I am also looking forward to as I will have a set routine, rather than constantly having different activities to do for my degree at varied times. Full time work is until mid September and then back to complete my third year of my degree. 

I know that my third year will be very challenging but I can’t wait to be studying something I enjoy. Studying a course I enjoy does make things a lot easier – especially focusing during lectures which is important. J

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