Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Good grades!

The Christmas break was great, I was able to relax and stop stressing over university work. But I knew that the grades for the work I had submitted would be out during Christmas. Of course I was worried as to what I will get but at the same time I was excited, I wanted to know whether my hard work has paid off. 
When I received a call from my friend to say the grades are up, my heart was seriously beating so fast - not sure whether it was because I was scared or panicking. I received First Class overall for all of my work for term one. 
Seriously, the work does pay off! As long as you try and are motivated you can achieve anything, if you doubt yourself then that's fine as everyone does at some point so it's totally find. Just keep up the great work! I know people always talk about being organised but that really is such a good thing. 
Once I’m organised I know how much time I have to prepare my work/revise, rather than panicking straight away. Then it makes everything much easier and you can achieve whatever you desire! 

Best of luck in all of that everyone! J

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